How to join group sex chat room and get attention instantly

This short guide will allow horny guys to save time in live sex chat rooms and also to pick up the hottest cam girls who has hundreds of people chatting with them. Also I want to bring important points that creates attraction of a camgirl and what you need to do to gain more popularity among them online.

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Here it is, a late night and you are going from site to site looking for hot chicks who does live cam shows and of course want to flirt with hot girls in premium sex chat rooms looking for happy ending – webcam sex, but the problem is that the best looking ones (this also means they are the very popular in those hubs and has a lot of fans any time you try to talk with her) has hundreds and sometimes even thousands of guys in the same room and the girl actually can’t read all the messages floating in her room, so the best way to be noticed by them is to get a membership and become a VIP Member, to do that you need to join with your e-mail and create a nickname, later one VIP status costs some money but believe me, it’s really worth to spend some extra money to get that status as you will get way more love from them instantly and your messages sent her way will be prioritized. It’s a different story if you already have your favorite girl and had spent time with her in private and she know you, but such experience costs way more than going to pick girls the way I described.

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With group sex chat rooms this is the main issue and to deal with that you have to pay. Of course it’s not that you pay for private time, but it’s just a fee to get a status on the site and girls assume that you have spare money in your account. Now that is what most of the guys do out there, and to beat this competition you can send some tips her way and this is a sure way to get attention in chat room.

To finalize this little guide, I would like to tell you that don’t be rude to the girls, never, as it never helps. Instead you should always be happy and funny and of course show her by your actions that you fell in love with the model. This principle came to my mind from and old saying that girls just want to have fun and of course they like to be loved by a man – in other word they like attention like nothing else. If you are ready to follow my advice than you will get a success and crazy webcam sex with your targeted girl is guaranteed, just try it and you will see.

Find girls for group sex by watching live cam videos

What do we need to organize a nice group sex session online? Well first thing is that we need girls for that and the best way to find them is by picking them from recorded live cams, the thing is that you can’t know the girl before you see her in private show fully naked and what kind of actions she is willing to do.

It helps to get to know the girl before you even start talking to her, that is why I always prefer to check them out before I even schedule my time to meet them online. After you found a good candidate for your small live orgie, the next step is to talk to her and discuss the possibility of a group show and ask questions, of course some girls will agree and other won’t, but to my knowledge recorded sessions helps to screen the ones who will accept it and you know that before you even ask for it because you saw her private webcam sex footage. It makes life so much easier if you think about it, and after I tried this method I don’t look back to past days then I was always in chat rooms talking to girls and asking the the right questions and get rejected most of the time, this experience just changed the way I look at things now. Here is one of the girls I talked in to group sex recently, have you ever had intimate relationships with such a beautiful babe? If your answer is no, if you listen to my advice you can have as many of such babes as you want attending your live group sex sessions.

Sexy girl Agne is latest member of our group

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So let’s say you found a girl you would like to invite to her show. You really like and the idea of having her naked just for you is mind blowing then you should read further and take this information to your heart and don’t pay much attention to her looks or age, actually teen girls are way more into this as they are young and looking for interesting and fun adventures online.

The thing is that girls also likes sex and they are craving for love and new experiences, they just want to be treated like a human being no matter how beautiful she is, the bad thing that most of the guys who are talking to her acting like a teenagers and doesn’t know shit about sex neither know how to act with a nice girl and what she likes. Just talk to her like another human being and don’t mask that you are attracted to her sexually.

So now you have talked to a girl and she agreed to group cam show with you and some other girls or your guy friends, well now you have to make a schedule and set an exact time of you to get together online for an orgie. Of course girl may ask some questions and she is curious of how it all will be going, and that is normal, also that shows a high interest from her side. I wouldn’t recommend to tell her that you already saw her recorded cam video, as this may scare her and she may bail out from your intimate offer, it depends on the girl you are dealing with – some of them, who are sure of themselves won’t have any problem at all, and again, I want to point out how important is to watch private shows before you start talking to them as you can see their body language and how much confidence the girl has in her body and how comfortable she feels about herself. Some girls have low self-esteem and that doesn’t help us at all, actually I avoid such girls no matter how hot she is because it’s just too much work with her and as I’m here to have fun and experience new unforgettable experience with other people online it just makes way to hard to achieve that if you are dealing with such girl.

To finish all this, so the girl agreed to live show and all the details you told her and now all you have to do is sit back and relax, don’t go to chat with her every free minute as it will just fuck up all the plans, the girl may think that you are stalker and if she comes to your group sex party even online, she won’t be able to go away by her own will. It’s all free and if she wants to leave the session you must let her and don’t get angry. If she leaves, it’s all good because you never want a person in your private party who is there not by own will.

I enjoy group sex shows couple times a week and right now we have a close group of people and many of them are cam girls, I would also like to mention that these girls in our group are far from the bottom on live sex cams, they are top ones and I achieved this by treating them like another human being and showing them free love and expecting nothing in return, it’s a free world!

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I had sex in group several times. All times approximately same company.

First time: with the girl and her best friend in a Jacuzzi at the girl of the house. Somehow defectively everything left… and the first time, it is also slippery, and in general it is inconvenient in a bathroom, but all the same abruptly.


Second time: the same structure, two more girlfriends were only added, but they did not participate, simply looked.

Third time: the same structure, as in the first, but plus one more girlfriend that with us in the previous time, but again did not participate, simply lay nearby.

Verdict: everything is possible, in it there is nothing of that kind, and it is cheerful and interesting. The only thing that needs precisely to be avoided – it participation of the girls. Whatever it progressive was, all the same then for it will take out a brain though itself and began.

Gang bang expedience from Pollie

I had group sex experience several times.

groupsex-experienceOne girl and two boys. At first it was awkward – you have two partners and, it seems, it is necessary to pay attention to everyone, but physically it is difficult. Then, having understood that I cannot please both to that and another, I relaxed and simply began to do that I wanted: wanted to be with one – and was, the second was attached, and everything turned out organically and well. Was very abruptly because usually one partner cannot do two things at once, and here them was two, and they divided duties and did at the same time some things at once that is impossible at one partner.

It is necessary to tell that all of us were heterosexuals and boys of each other did not touch and did not want.

But a conclusion which I took out: after all it is difficult because you automatically want to concentrate all the time on one partner and therefore at first do not understand what to do. One all the time it seems as is out of work and too, probably, feels uncomfortably.

In this case it would be ideal, probably, that couple of boys was homosexual or simply would like to get homosexual experience. Otherwise it turns out that most abruptly in this situation was to me – at me was the whole two guys who went all out to please.

Two girls and two boys. In total hetero. Again an error of group sex with heterosexual partners. Here at once it turned out so that we were divided into two heterosexual couples, then to me both boys came, having left my girlfriend one, then one of them left back to the girlfriend, and I remained again alone only with one of boys. Summer some camp.


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Some sexually unsatisfied people gathered on a leased living space to derive pleasure and to try a group sex. The handsome horny and of course nude girls the powerful fire to light up the horny us from inside to fuck them and did that to them very pleasantly. And girls, in turn, thanked with oral sex.


It’s always nice to get some oral after you fuck a girl, that is why I love group parties! You wonder why? Because you can go to other girl and she will suck your cock!


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Here we are with our first group sex video featuring two girls who can’t get enough of games with this poor dude who gets spanked on live cam, these girls are watching the chat rooms to see how far can they go with him. Watch video of all the show below.

You may ask what is that what gets us in to watching such shows, I can tell you guys, it’s because we would like to be there with them and participate in the sex cam show with them, actually joining is not that hard, you just have to google some group chat room and join, it is that simple.


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