Victor loves fulfilling sexual fantasies

I had sex in group several times. All times approximately same company.

First time: with the girl and her best friend in a Jacuzzi at the girl of the house. Somehow defectively everything left… and the first time, it is also slippery, and in general it is inconvenient in a bathroom, but all the same abruptly.


Second time: the same structure, two more girlfriends were only added, but they did not participate, simply looked.

Third time: the same structure, as in the first, but plus one more girlfriend that with us in the previous time, but again did not participate, simply lay nearby.

Verdict: everything is possible, in it there is nothing of that kind, and it is cheerful and interesting. The only thing that needs precisely to be avoided – it participation of the girls. Whatever it progressive was, all the same then for it will take out a brain though itself and began.