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How to join group sex chat room and get attention instantly

This short guide will allow horny guys to save time in live sex chat rooms and also to pick up the hottest cam girls who has hundreds of people chatting with them. Also I want to bring important points that creates attraction of a camgirl and what you need to do to gain more popularity […]

Victor loves fulfilling sexual fantasies

I had sex in group several times. All times approximately same company. First time: with the girl and her best friend in a Jacuzzi at the girl of the house. Somehow defectively everything left… and the first time, it is also slippery, and in general it is inconvenient in a bathroom, but all the same […]

Gang bang expedience from Pollie

I had group sex experience several times. One girl and two boys. At first it was awkward – you have two partners and, it seems, it is necessary to pay attention to everyone, but physically it is difficult. Then, having understood that I cannot please both to that and another, I relaxed and simply began […]